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We have a dedicated team of engineers who go the extra mile in understanding the customer needs and offer customized products that meet and exceed customer’s expectations. The team brings the right mix of experience and expertise on the table. With advanced technology and innovative designs, we build confidence in our customers and forge long-lasting relations. We strive to get it right the first time in our designs. Hence, a lot of research and detailing goes into our designs. We also have a stringent quality process at each stage of the design and manufacturing process. 

The team is very keen in adopting the latest technology, implementing it in our product design, prototyping, testing and validation. In fact, new product design and development is our forte. We do analysis of each process & validate them using the most advanced software, Simufact. All the Process are being simulated and arrived the solutions for better design of the product.

We owe our success to the team of engineers who focus on continuous improvement and advanced technology. They are good listeners and learners. With the focus on core principles and engineering excellence, we are working towards making our facility a centre for forging excellence. 

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