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Universal Joint Cross, Bearing Cup & Sleeve Muff

We offer a comprehensive range of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty driveshaft / cardan shaft components like Universal Joint Cross, Bearing Cups & Sleeve Muffs for every commercial vehicle application. Our innovative and industry-leading components provide the most efficient, reliable and durable on-road performance.

Roller Tappet & Mechanical Tappet

We manufacture Roller Tappet Body and Mechanical Tappet for various engine applications.

Shafts Blanks, Spline Shafts, EV shaft

We make blind spline shafts for hydraulic motors, splined shaft for EV applications.

Gears, Sprocket, Companion Flanges

We produce complicated parts like Companion Flanges for Heavy motor applications, Gears & Sprockets through cold forging.

Hubs, Housings, Sleeve

We serve the automotive industry with Clutch Hubs, Housings and Sleeve.

Spindles, Filter Bowl & Differential Parts

We Manufacture Spindles for Banjo Axle & Differential Pins.

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